Come and experience the Harvest 2021 at the Royal Tin Factory of San Miguel

Be part of an adventure with more than 300 years of history,

in a unique natural environment in the world,

becoming a winemaker for 24 hours


A unique opportunity for wine and nature lovers just 1 hour by car from Marbella, Estepona or Sotogrande, and only 1,5 hours from Malaga.



The Royal Tinplate Factory of San Miguel 
(Júzcar, Genal Valley, Serranía de Ronda)


In the year 1.725 ​​by royal order of Philip V and within a secret military project, the first tinplate factory in Spain was built, with the aim of manufacturing the tinplate that coated the Spanish galleons during the XNUMXth century.

Legend has it that the German engineers who had the formula to create tinplate were kidnapped and transferred in wine barrels to the Royal Factory of San Miguel, in the heart of the Genal Valley, in the municipal area of ​​the town of Júzcar, also known as the Smurf Town.
Due to its location, it is almost inaccessible to humans. The mass of trees in its environment, necessary as fuel and surrounded by the waters of the Genal River, necessary to temper the tinplate, made the location the perfect setting for the installation of La Real Fábrica de San Miguel, the first factory for industrial purposes. military, where the tinplate that covered the hulls of the Spanish galleons was manufactured.
The tin was transported by camels to the Port of Estepona, from where it was transferred by boat to the shipyards in Cádiz.
The Royal Factory was in operation until the end of the XNUMXth century, at which time French troops invaded Spain and the factory was abandoned. To this day, it has only served as a refuge for bandits who used the Royal Factory to hide from French troops, in the Serranía de Ronda
Three centuries of history contemplate the Royal Tin Factory that in 2.013 was bought and restored, following the original techniques and materials, by Enrique Ruiz so that today a dream can once again flourish as a natural wine cellar. 
La Real Fábrica today is a natural wine cellar that has rooms where you can live a 360 experience for lovers of wine, nature and respect for the environment. A 3 ha vineyard with four varieties; Pinot noir, Moorish Muscat, Tintilla de Rota and Garnacha, with which excellent natural wines are made.


4 24-hour experiences, each experience dedicated to one of the 4 varieties of grapes that are harvested in the Royal Factory

First day: Friday August 13

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Without a doubt it is the queen of the Royal Factory, a variety of French origin. It is a very delicate and complex grape to harvest and vinify, giving rise to very elegant wines.

What does the experience consist of?

24-hour wine retreat where you can become part of the La Real Fábrica family, sharing the Harvest as much as you want and enjoying the surroundings, gastronomy, wines, friends and of course the knowledge of the winemaker, winemakers and other workers.

The Harvest night on Friday August 13 will add an almost magical natural attraction, since it will coincide with the day of greatest activity of the Perseids, also known as Meteor Shower.

What's included?

The experience is lived in an ALL INCLUSIVE regime for 24 hours.

August 13 day

  • Welcome (from 12 noon)
  • Meal
    - Serrana paella with garden vegetables and free-range chicken
    - Dessert: fruit of the season.
  • Harvester's dinner
    - Serrana omelette, fried Iberian chorizo ​​and crumbs with grapes, garden salad
    - Dessert: cheesecake with homemade jam.
  • All drinks (wines from the winery, water, soft drinks, coffee and infusions)
  • Night harvest (from 00 hours in the morning)
  • Bed in double or triple room.

- The rooms are fully equipped with en suite bathroom, towels and bedding.
- The Royal Factory has a swimming pool for swimming. Don't forget the swimsuit.
- You will also have at your disposal the living rooms of the house and other rooms to disconnect.
- The surroundings of the Factory are a natural paradise for those who like to go hiking.

August 14 day

  • Breakfast

- Fried eggs and Iberian bacon, toast with homemade jam, Nicaraguan coffee and earl gray tea.

  • Grape treading

 Recommendations for harvesting: Bring comfortable and long clothes, closed shoes, no shorts and flip flops. The rest of what is necessary so that you can harvest at night; scissors and flashlight, we will provide them.


Bodeguero for a day
24 hours accommodation and ALL INCLUSIVE.
(Limited to 12 people / day of night harvest) 
 225 euros / person
Private tour of the winery and wine tasting
 50 euros / person 
Private visit and lunch or dinner paired with the wines of the winery
 100 euros / person.
(Prices do not include 21% VAT)

other dates

Variety of the grape to be harvested:
Moorish Muscat

Our only sister white grape
of the Muscat of Alexandria.

Date: Approximately Friday, August 20 (pending confirmation of the date 1 week before).

Variety of the grape to be harvested:
broken tintilla

An autochthonous variety of Andalusia, in danger of extinction, a shark variety like few others.

Date: Approximately the first week of September (pending to confirm the date 1 week before).

Variety of the grape to be harvested:

The last of our inks and the largest.

Date: Approximately the second week of September (pending to confirm the date 1 week before)

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